Special Education

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The Special Education Department for Scott County Public Schools support instructional programs for students with disabilities in the division. It is the goal of the Special Education Department to ensure that each student with a disability has the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills, and competencies consistent with his/her potential to achieve.

This site is designed to provide information to parents, teachers, students, and community members in an effort to better serve the needs of persons with disabilities, their families, and professionals who support them in Scott County.

Supervisor or Special Services and
Intermediate/Middle Education
Brenda Robinette 276-386-6118 
 Special Education Secretary Patty Sampson 276-386-6118 
 School Psychologist Katrina Smith- Toole 276-386-6118
 School Social Worker Angie Vermillion 276-386-6118
 School Social Worker/Homeless Liasion Rebecca Alley  276-386-6118
 Autism Specialist Stacy Wood 276-995-2471
 Board Certified Licensed Behavioral Specialist Courtney Currier 276-995-2471
 Lead Transition Coordinator Monica McClelland 276-386-6515
 Transition Coordinator- GCHS Hunter Jones 276-386-7522 
 Transition Coordinator- RCHS Brad Taylor 276-940-2701 
 Transition Coordinator- TSHS Keith Warner  276-479-2185 

Applied Behavior Analysis Classroom Handbook and Guidelines- Fort Blackmore Center of Excellence

Autism Information Guide
Child Find Disability Definitions
Child Find Free Appropriate Education (FAPE)
Early Childhood
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Foster Care Policy
Gifted Education Plan
Locating Homeless Children
Nondiscrimination Policy
Other Special Education Information
Service Animals in School Policy and Procedures
Services for Students Identified as Hearing or Visually Impaired
SCCTC Public Notice
Special Education Policies and Procedure Handbook
504 Guidelines
Special Education Staff