Grades 1-12 Registration Information

Registration for New Students

Dear Families:
SCPS has implemented the online registration process for new students.  The link below will allow you to pre-register students.

Before beginning the registration process, you will need an email account, a newer smartphone, or access to a computer.  If you are unable to access these things, please contact the school of enrollment.  

The pre-registration step requires general information to create your account to begin registering your child.  You will receive an initial email indicating that your pre-registration was received.  After approval from school administration, you will receive another email with direction on how to create your PowerSchool account and complete the registration process.  

Once your account has been established and you have completed all the electronic forms for registering your child, the school of enrollment with contact you regarding addition requirements, start dates, etc.  All forms must be completed for your child to be registered.  

Virginia Required Documentation
Birth Certificate (Must be the original, certified birth certificate. The "birth mother's copy" will NOT be accepted.)
Immunization Record
(Performed within 12 months of the first day of school on August 16, 2022)
Any Custody Orders, if applicable

Note that online registration requires you to have an email address.
Click Here for the 2023-2024 New Student Pre-Registrations Grades 1-12.